Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Doorway Of Gradiva

Jerry N. Uelsmann (b. 1934) - Untitled, 1976

'We conceived the idea of a repository, an ageless place located anywhere outside the world of reason. In that space would be stored those manmade objects that have lost their utilitarian purpose, or have not yet found it, or have markedly deviated from it and that therefore conceal some internal secret lock. Those objects could then emerge in an elective way and continuously from the river of the ever-thickening sand that blurs adult vision, restoring to it the transparency that children enjoy. They would alternate with highly singular natural objects, primarily those whose structure corresponds to a most unfathomable necessity, those whose very appearance is enough to cast a new light on the problem of that necessity. Both categories of objects could exert a rather mysterious attraction, arouse ideas of possession, and especially help to reveal to each individual his own desire, or at least as an intercessor between that desire and its true or often unknown object.'

André Breton - Gradiva