Saturday, March 03, 2007

Three Monstrous Morphs (March Special)

Ernesto Neto (b. 1964) - Humanóides - 2001

Ernesto Neto (b. 1964) - We Stopped Just Here - 2002

Ernesto Neto (b. 1964) - The Dangerous Logic of Wooing - 2002

'[It] seems that Neto's work tries to form itself simultaneously in two dimensions: on the one hand, in the will to promote a materialisation of the body, which the work would reveal as a multiplicity composed of tensions and resistances, a physics of desire; on the other hand, in the intention of provoking the most complete dematerialisation of the physical elements that constitute the work, what could be called an "Aesthetics of Dream" to quote the Brazilian filmmaker Glauber Rocha. Work that is carried out within the parameters of modernity founded on a contamination between emotion and rationality. A modernism, or rather a reading of modernity, whose radicalness would consist not only in not excluding emotions, but in attempting to incorporate them into a constructive design.'