Sunday, March 30, 2008

Six Images In Search Of An Exhibition VII

AES+F Group: Have We Met Before?

AES+F - Last Riot (selection), 2005-7

'Clichés, clichés! The situation has hardly improved since Cézanne. Not only has there been a multiplication of images of every kind, around us and in our heads, but even the reactions against clichés are creating clichés . . . Every imitator has always made the cliché rise up again, even from what had been freed of the cliché. The fight against clichés is a terrible thing. As Lawrence says, it is already something to have succeeded, to have gotten somewhere, with regard to an apple, or a jug or two. The Japanese know that a whole life barely suffices for a single blade of grass. This is why great painters are so severe with their work. Too many people mistake a photograph for a work of art, plagiarism for audacity, a parody for a laugh, or worse yet, a miserable stroke of inspiration for a creation.'

Gilles Deleuze

The Week In Review


Four American Composers, 1983 - d. Peter Greenaway
Histoire(s) du cinéma, 1988-98 - d. Jean-Luc Godard
Jour de fête, 1948 - d. Jacques Tati
Les Vacances de Monsieur Hulot, 1953 - d. Jacques Tati
Mon Oncle, 1953 - d. Jacques Tati
Playtime, 1967 - d. Jacques Tati


Six Feet Under: Season 3


Constable's Skies - ed. Frederic Bancroft
John Constable's Clouds - Kurt Badt
Constable: Impressions of Land, Sea and Sky - Mark Evans, Anne Galbally, Anne Gray, John Gage, Conal Shields and Mary Anne Stevens
Impressionists by the Sea - John House and David Hopkin
Monet and French Landscape: Vétheuil and Normandy - ed. Francis Fowle
Monet In Normandy - Richard Brettel, Heather Lemonedes, Lynn Federle Orr and David Steel


Constable's Clouds - John Thorne
Constable, Duranty, Mallarmé, Impressionism, Plein Air, and Forgetting - Joel Isaacson
Constable's Sky Sketches - Louis Hawes


Body Language: Contemporary Chinese Photography - National Gallery of Victoria
Turner to Monet: The Triumph of Landscape - National Gallery of Australia


Yellow Man With Heart With Wings, Automatic Writing, Purposeful Lady Slow Afternoon and She Was A Visitor - Robert Ashley
Sinfonia, Eindrücke and Ekphrasis - Luciano Berio
Fifty Synthesiser Greats, Badlands and Cosmonaut - David Chesworth
Preludes for Piano - Claude Debussy
and The Voyage - Philip Glass
Memento Mori, Sun Song, Sun Music
and From Uluru - Peter Sculthorpe