Sunday, May 11, 2008

Verso XIII

Sarah Lucas (b. 1962): Sarah, Sarah, Quite Contrary

Self-Portrait With Fried Eggs, 1996

Sarah Lucas may not be the most talked about of the Young British Artists but she has always been one of the most important. At the beginning of the 90s, while women were trading shoulder pads for Wonderbras and cocktails for pints of lager, Sarah Lucas swapped feminist theory for Page Three.

Lucas challenged the street slang used to describe women by turning it into physical forms. She replaced anger and embarrassment with humour, portraying breasts as melons or fried eggs, catching public attention with hard-hitting sculpture and spreads from The Sun. In making physical representations of sexual slang and celebrating stories about rampant dwarves she moved the discussion further along then any amount of protest art.

From the BBC Collective website, which recently folded.

Bonus Track: What's Inside a Girl? - The Cramps (from A Date With Elvis)